2.05 - Adding Sources - Teradata Listener

Teradata® Listener™ User Guide

Teradata Listener
March 2019
User Guide

You can add multiple sources. A single source can be written to multiple targets.

The user who adds a source becomes the default owner who can add and delete other owners. Owners can edit and delete the source and add, edit, and delete associated targets.

  1. Select > Manage Sources > .
  2. Finish adding the source using the following considerations:
    Option Considerations and Dependencies
    REST A REST source uses the Ingest API to send messages. Listener automatically generates an API key (secret key) for the source that you can use to make HTTP requests. You can view or copy the secret key from Source Info. See Code Samples.
    MQTT Optionally you can secure the MQTT subscription by adding an SSL certificate and private key. You can edit the SSL certificate and private key by editing the source.
    REST OR MQTT If you use 80 or more characters for the source name (100 characters is the maximum), the 1m TIME filter option may not be visible in the filter bar for certain versions of Chrome and Firefox on Windows. Adjust the browser zoom to see all TIME filter options.
    Listener stars the source as a favorite and lists it in Starred Sources in the Listener Overview. You can unstar and star sources.
  3. [Optional] After you save a source, select MORE INFORMATION to send a test packet to the source and view ingest code examples.