16.20 - Example: Generating a Report of Error Code Descriptions - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

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Teradata Database
Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine
March 2019

The following statement generates a report that includes a one-line description of each error code:

Exec ListErrorCodes;

Due the amount of codes actually displayed, the following example shows only a portion of an actual report:

*** Query completed. 2957 rows found. 2 columns returned.
13/05/21                         Error Code Summary                        09:24
ErrorCode ErrorText
--------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    2,147 Internal error detected while comparing two strings.
    2,148 Internal error detected while copying a string.
    2,149 Internal error detected while comparing two strings.
    2,504 Bad Parameter passed to file system.
    2,507 Out of spool space on disk.
    2,509 AMP internal error (see backtrace)
    2,511 Bad locator parameter.
    2,513 A data row is too long.
    2,514 Operation not allowed: %DBID.%FSTR is being used to log ARC selected p
    2,516 Error in calculating/updating disk space.
    2,517 Empty DataBaseSpace Table Header.
    2,518 USI row indexes non existent data row.
    2,519 Data row indexed multiple times by USI.
    2,520 A variable field offset exceeds the next variable offset or the row le
    2,525 Fatal read error encountered during Reconfig.
    2,530 End Transaction Error after space accounting.
    2,531 No task found for task ID/Transaction ID.
    2,532 Unrecoverable read error detected.  Retry.
    2,533 Shut down DBS and rebuild the disk.
    2,534 System recovering from disk read error on spool file.
	8,551 LOT receive is returning data
	8,552 LOT receive has returned the last byte of data
	8,553 LOT has timed out waiting for an out-of-order segment
    8,554 LOT has stopped a connection as requested by a caller
    8,555 LOT was passed a null group identifier
    8,556 LOT was passed a null last-channel identifier
    8,557 LOT was passed a null link-channel identifier
    8,558 LOT could not link a PDE mailbox to a channel
    8,559 LOT could not signal on a PDE channel
    8,560 LOT could not unlink a PDE mailbox from a channel
    8,561 LOT record did not belong to the endpoint
    8,570 Snapshot not found.
    8,571 Snapshot already exists.
    8,572 Maximum snapshot log limit exceeded.
    9,000 Operation not allowed: the target table is being online archived.
    9,001 Operation not allowed: the target table is being restored.
    9,011 Table being Archived/Restored/Copied was dropped by some other transac
    9,100 Unique index violation; errors logged in %TVMID where ETC_dbql_qid = %
    9,101 Referencing violation; errors logged in %TVMID where ETC_dbql_qid = %F
    9,127 Index violations detected; errors logged in %TVMID where ETC_dbql_qid
 *** Echo accepted.