Functional Description - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine - 16.20

Teradata Vantageā„¢ XML Data Type

Teradata Database
Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine
Programming Reference

The stored procedure takes the following as input arguments:

  • An SQL query string
  • A mapping stylesheet that will transform the results of the SQL query to the desired XML structure.

    If you do not specify a mapping (you pass NULL as the Xslt argument), the procedure returns the canonical XML representation as output.

Recommendation: Use this stored procedure in the following cases:

  • The size of the documents being published is small
  • The use of Teradata specific instructions, like teradata_group, is not required
    Teradata specific instructions are ignored by XMLPUBLISH.
  • You need to publish multiple documents

For other cases, use the XMLPUBLISH_STREAM stored procedure instead.