16.20 - Pad Character Translation - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

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The following translations do not translate the pad character.

source _TO_target Pad Character Translation
GRAPHIC_TO_UNICODE A GRAPHIC string that includes an Ideographic Space is translated to a UNICODE string with an Ideographic Space.
UNICODE_TO_GRAPHIC A UNICODE string with a Space character generates an error when translated to GRAPHIC.

If you require pad character translation, use one of the following translations.

source _TO_target Pad Character Translation
GRAPHIC_TO_UNICODE_PadSpace Converts all occurrences of Ideographic Space (U+3000) to Space (U+0020).
UNICODE_TO_GRAPHIC_PadGraphic Converts all occurrences of Space to Ideographic Space.

Other characters are not affected. Note that the position of a character does not affect the translation, so not only trailing pad characters are modified.