16.20 - Example: Querying the BITAND Operation On An INTEGER - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

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The following query performs the BITAND operation on an INTEGER and a single-byte hexadecimal byte literal.

   SELECT BITAND(287454020, 'FFFF'XB);

The INTEGER value 287,454,020 has a hexadecimal value of 0x11223344 and a bit numbering representation of:

The hexadecimal byte literal 0xFFFF has a bit numbering representation of:

To process the BITAND operation, the two arguments are aligned on their least significant byte/bit as follows:

The shorter-length hexadecimal byte literal 0xFFFF is padded with zeros to the left until it is the same length as the INTEGER value 287,454,020.

When both operands are the same size, the BITAND operation is performed, producing the following result: