16.20 - Example: Ranking Salespeople Based on Sales - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

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This example ranks salespersons by sales region based on their sales.

   SELECT sales_person, sales_region, sales_amount,
      RANK() OVER (PARTITION BY sales_region ORDER BY sales_amount DESC)
   FROM sales_table;
sales_person sales_region sales_amount Rank(sales_amount)
Garabaldi East 100 1
Baker East 99 2
Fine East 89 3
Adams East 75 4
Edwards West 100 1
Connors West 99 2
Davis West 99 2

The rank column in the preceding table lists salespersons in declining sales order according to the column specified in the PARTITION BY clause (sales_region) and that the rank of their sales (sales_amount) is reset when the sales_region changes.