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For security purposes, it is recommended that you not store passwords in a plain text file or specify passwords in parameters.xml. For example, it is a best practice to specify the required passwords and parameters for logon mechanisms directly on the command line rather than in parameters.xml.

The example below uses parameters.xml to copy tables, but specifies passwords and parameters for logon mechanisms on the command line. The source password is 123456789, the parameter for the source logon mechanism is joe@domain1@@mypassword, the target password is 332675411, and the parameter for the target logon mechanism is margaret@domain2@@newpassword.

datamove move -source_password 123456789 -source_logon_mechanism_data joe@domain1@@mypassword 
-target_password 332675411 -target_logon_mechanism_data margaret@domain2@@newpassword -f parameters.xml

Due to these security considerations, Data Mover does not require that passwords and parameters for logon mechanisms be included in parameters.xml, but does require that the information be supplied using the command line for those commands that require it. If you do not specify values for the required security parameters on the command line, you are prompted for the information.