Best Practices for User and Permission Features

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This section describes best practices for using Data Mover user and permission features, including granting users access to Data Mover, job permissions, user roles, and general security management.

Viewpoint is a major dependency for Data Mover user and permission features and is used as the basis for user authentication for Data Mover This includes all Data Mover interfaces, not just the Data Mover portlet. When Data Mover is configured with Viewpoint, Data Mover users must supply a valid Viewpoint user when accessing the portlet or running command-line interface commands. The Viewpoint user is also used when assigning Data Mover permissions. Without Viewpoint, the Data Mover security features are limited. For more information on security best practices when Viewpoint is not available, see Configure Without Viewpoint.

In addition to the "Best Practices" recommendations here, you can find additional information about Data Mover users and permissions for the command-line interface and portlet in the "Related Topics" sections listed.