Environmental Requirements

Teradata Managed Server for Cabinet and Server Models 4X5, 4X7, and 6X7 Product and Site Preparation Guide

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Environmental Requirement Operational Storage Transit

(Up to 1 Week)

Temperature (dry bulb) a

Allowable b: 15° to 32°C (59° to 90°F)

Recommended c: 18° to 27°C (64.8° to 80.6°F)

5° to 45°C

(41° to 113°F)

-40° to 60°C

(-40° to 140°F)



20% to 80% (Relative humidity non-condensing)

Recommended c:

Low end moisture: 5.5°C DP (41.9°F DP)

High end moisture: 60% RH and 15°C DP (59°F DP)

8% to 80%


5% to 95%
Maximum dew point 17°C (62°F) 27°C (80°F) N/A
Maximum altitude b 3050 m (10,000 ft) N/A N/A
Vibration limit

Operational vibration depends on the type of chassis in the cabinet. The operational vibration limit for a typical node is 0.26G (rms) at 10-500 Hz. The operational vibration limit for a typical disk chassis is 0.28G (rms) at 5-500 Hz.

Static discharge limit 4000 V direct discharge, 8000 V air discharge N/A N/A

a Operating temperature and moisture level is measured at individual chassis inlet.

b Due to lower air density at higher altitudes, the maximum dry bulb operating temperature is derated linearly by a value of 3.3° C per 1000 m (1.8° F per 1000 ft) between the altitude of 900 m (2952 ft) and 3050 m (10,000 ft).

c The allowable environmental envelope is a statement of functionality of the equipment. The recommended environmental envelope is a statement of reliability—operating equipment near the allowable limits for long periods of time could result in increased reliability issues.