17.00 - Host Controller Channel and TCP/IP Network Traffic Columns - Teradata Database

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June 2020
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These columns identify the traffic between the host and the node channel and TCP/IP network connections in three levels of granularity:
  • Blocks
  • Messages
  • KB

Blocks are made up of some amount of variable sized messages. ReadKB and WriteKB identify the KB involved in the traffic.

For host controller columns that provide overhead and management information, see ResUsageShst Table Overview for details.

Column Name Mode Description Data Type
HostBlockReads count Number of blocks read in from the host. FLOAT
HostBlockWrites count Number of blocks written out to the host. FLOAT
HostMessageReads count Number of messages read in from the host. FLOAT
HostMessageWrites count Number of messages written out to the host. FLOAT
HostReadKB count KB transferred in from the host. FLOAT
HostWriteKB count KB transferred out to the host. FLOAT