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June 2020
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This HELP COLUMN statement displays the information for the TD_TIMEBUCKET column of the PTI table, TimeSeriesTab.


The HELP COLUMN output includes the attribute, Time Series Column Type, with a value of TB:

                  Column Name TD_TIMEBUCKET
                           Type I8
                       Nullable N
                         Format -(19)9
                     Max Length 8
           Decimal Total Digits ?
      Decimal Fractional Digits ?
                      Range Low ? 
                     Range High ?
                      UpperCase N
                    Table/View? T
                       Indexed? Y
                        Unique? N
                       Primary? P
                          Title ?
              Column Constraint ?
                      Char Type ?
                     IdCol Type ?
                       UDT Name ?
                Temporal Column N
       Current ValidTime Unique ?
     Sequenced ValidTime Unique ?
  NonSequenced ValidTime Unique ?
 Current TransactionTime Unique ?
            Partitioning Column N
        Column Partition Number 0
        Column Partition Format NA
            Column Partition AC NA
            Security Constraint N
                    Derived_UDT ?
             Derived_UDTFieldID ?
         Column Dictionary Name TD_TIMEBUCKET
                Column SQL Name TD_TIMEBUCKET
            Column Name UEscape ?
               Dictionary Title ?
                      SQL Title ?
                  Title UEscape ?
   UDT Database Dictionary Name ?
          UDT Database SQL Name ?
      UDT Database Name UEscape ?
            UDT Dictionary Name ?
                   UDT SQL Name ?
               UDT Name UEscape ?
        Without Overlaps Unique ?
                 Storage Format ?
                     SchemaName ?
                  Inline Length ?
               Transform Length ?
        Time Series Column Type TB