Starting the Docker Container for JupyterLab to Bind to an Existing Directory - Teradata Vantage Modules for Jupyter - 1.2

Teradata Vantageā„¢ Modules for Jupyter Installation Guide

Teradata Vantage Modules for Jupyter
This task describes how to start the Docker image to bind to an existing directory on your machine where you may have stored notebooks or files you want to access from the JupyterLab instance running inside the Docker container.
The GettingStarted notebooks and other files provided with this Docker image are hidden by your existing directory.
  1. Start the Docker container: docker run -p -v /path/to/my/directory:/home/jovyan/JupyterLabRoot teradatajupyterlabext
    You must map your directory to the /home/jovyan/JupyterLabRoot directory that resides inside the Docker image.
    If you are using Windows consult the Docker documentation for directory path limitations or guidance. The command window displays the URL and token needed to access JupyterLab from your browser.