Starting the Docker Container for JupyterLab to Persist User Data on a Docker-Managed Volume

Teradata Vantageā„¢ Modules for Jupyter Installation Guide

Teradata Vantage
Teradata Vantage Modules for Jupyter
This task describes how to start the Docker image so that user data persists on a Docker-managed volume. This command creates a Docker-managed volume and persists notebooks, Teradata connections, logs, result sets, and more inside the volume. The teradata-vol can be named anything you choose.
On a macOS, you cannot easily access the volume outside of the running Docker.
  1. Start the Docker container: docker run -p -v teradata-vol:/home/jovyan/JupyterLabRoot teradatajupyterlabext
    The command window displays the URL and token needed to access JupyterLab from your browser.
  2. Use the following commands to manage docker volumes:
    Command Description
    docker volume list Lists docker volumes.
    docker volume prune Prunes all volumes.
    docker volume rm vol-name Removes named volume.
    You may need to prune your container before removing a volume. The container must be stopped before you prune using the command docker stop container name .
    docker container prune Prunes all stopped containers.

    See the Docker documentation for a complete list of commands used to manage docker volumes.