About Accessing JupyterLab from a Remote Machine - Teradata Vantage Modules for Jupyter - 1.2

Teradata Vantageā„¢ Modules for Jupyter Installation Guide

Teradata Vantage Modules for Jupyter

We recommend that you run JupyterLab and the browser on the same machine. You can access JupyterLab running on a different machine.

  • If you choose to deploy this configuration, it is important that you not allow other users to access the same JupyterLab instance. Do not share your JupyterLab private token. A single JupyterLab instance should only be used by a single user. Sharing the instance allows all resources to become available to other users, including result set data and connections.
If you choose to run JupyterLab on a remote machine remember the following:
  • Consult the Jupyter documentation at https://jupyterlab.readthedocs.io/en/stable/public_server.html before running JupyterLab on a remote machine.
  • We recommend that you configure JupyterLab to use HTTPS which requires a TLS certificate and key file.
  • From a command terminal or window you should start JupyterLab with HTTP/TLS:

    jupyter lab --certfile=tlscert.pem --keyfile=tlskey.key