Adding and Editing Groups - Teradata Workload Management - 16.20

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Alert actions can be combined into action sets and action sets can be combined into groups in the alert service. A group enables you to run multiple action sets in a single operation. You must define action sets before you can include them in a group.
  1. From the Setup Options list, click Alert Presets.
  2. From the Preset Options list, click Groups.
  3. From the Groups list, do one of the following:
    • Click next to Groups to add a group.
    • Click next to the group you want to copy.
    • Click a group name to edit the group.
  4. Type a name in the Group Name box.
  5. Under Include the Following Action Sets, select the action set to include.
  6. [Optional] Add or remove action sets.
  7. Click Apply.