Adding a Teradata Presto System

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The Teradata Presto system must be added and the logins created before you can configure the data collectors to monitor the system.
  1. Click next to Systems and select Add Presto System.
  2. Under General System Details, enter a system nickname, up to 30 characters.
  3. [Optional] Select the Enable system check box. After it is enabled, the system starts collecting data.
  4. Enter the host ID of the Teradata Presto system. The host ID is the IP address of the Teradata Presto master node.
  5. [Optional] Select the Use HTTPS check box. If you enable this check box, a secure connection between the Viewpoint server and the Teradata Presto system is established after you install a trusted root certificate on the Viewpoint server. For more information, see Certificates.
  6. [Optional] Under Collectors, select the check box to activate Teradata Presto data collectors in order to collect data on this system. The data collectors can be enabled and configured individually in Data Collectors.
  7. Click Apply. If the operation is successful, appears. If the operation fails, appears. If you receive an error, verify that the settings are correct and try again.