MAPS Manager Best Practices - Teradata Workload Management - 16.20

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Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
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Method Description
System Monitoring
  • Set up System Monitoring to periodically evaluate map usage.
  • Use after changing the system default map. Set up the analysis to run again.
  • Make sure the user credentials have access to all objects and maps in the system.
  • Set up DBQL settings.
  • Schedule moves during system off-peak hours.
Object Workflows
  • Use Object Workflows after system expansion to redistribute objects over new AMPs.
  • Make sure database user credentials have access to maps and objects needed.
  • Use to move objects from an obsolete sparse map before deleting the map.
  • Set up an exclusion list.
  • Set up DBQL settings.
  • Add a notification set.
  • Evaluate the actionlist.
  • Check Perm space.