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Disabling a throttle removes concurrency limits from a system or workload group, while maintaining the configured settings. You can enable the throttle as needed.

For example, you can disable a throttle for testing or to measure and trend normal throughput for a system without a hard limit.

A disabled workload can be a member of a workload group throttle. When you disable a group throttle, you disable the aggregate limit for all workload members, but not for individual workloads. Throttles defined for individual member workloads remain active until you remove them individually.

  1. From the ruleset toolbar, click Throttles.
  2. Under System Throttles, clear the ENABLED check box.
  3. Under Virtual Partition Throttles, clear the ENABLED check box.
  4. Under Workload Group Throttles, clear the ENABLED check box.
  5. Click Save.