Increasing Perm Space - Teradata Workload Management - 16.20

Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide

Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
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  1. From the Object Workflows tab, select a workflow.
  2. In the Move section, click Perm Space.
  3. Select one of the following:
    Option Description
    Increase Perm space to all databases
    1. Click Increase All to Recommended.
    2. From the Reserve Perm pool list, select the appropriate database.
    3. [Optional] From the Workers list, change the number of workers.

    The amount of space allocated is based on the estimated number of workers.

    Increase Perm space to a specific database
    1. Click next to the appropriate database, and then click Allocate Space.
    2. Click to select a reserve Perm pool.
    3. Click and drag the slider to change the amount of space or enter a value.
  4. Click Save.