Details View for All Systems - Teradata Workload Management - 16.20

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The details view displays statistics and information about the selected session. This view can be accessed by clicking a session row in the summary table.
If you are displaying Teradata System queries and you click a row for a QueryGrid query, a blue informational message banner indicates that the query is a QueryGrid query. You can click the View Details button to see the Details View for Teradata QueryGrid.
Teradata Database systems have Overview, SQL, Explain, Skew, Query Band, Blocking, Blocked By, and Delay tabs.
Teradata Aster systems have Overview, SQL, and Explain tabs.
Teradata Machine Learning Engine systems have Overview, SQL, and Explain tabs.
Query Details
Displays details of the selected query in sections that are specific to each tab.
Manage Queries
Manages the query or session for Teradata Database systems with Abort , Change Priority , Change Workload , and Release Query options.
Allows you to move through sessions without returning to the summary table.