Adding an Event

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Adding an event changes the system event calendar and affects all users. By default, new events are added to the currently selected day.
  1. From either the Calendar Week or Month view, click Add Event. The Add Event dialog box appears with the current date in the Start and End date fields.

  2. Set the Start date:
    1. Click inside the Start date field. A calendar appears.

    2. Click or to browse to the appropriate month.
    3. Select the date from the calendar.
  3. Set the End date.
  4. Select the event Start and End times from the list.
  5. Select AM (morning) or PM (afternoon) from the list.
  6. Select a priority:
    • Normal
    • High
  7. Enter the event Title.
  8. [Optional] Enter the event Description.
  9. Click Add.