- 16.20 - Configuring Elastic Usage with Automatic Uploading - Teradata Workload Management

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The Elastic Usage data collector can be enabled to collect usage data for the Elastic Performance portlet if you are using Elastic Performance on Demand. The collector can be configured to automatically upload usage data for billing purposes using Teradata ServiceConnect.
  1. From the Systems list, click the name of the system you want to update.
  2. From the Setup list, click Data Collectors.
  3. Click the Elastic Usage data collector.
  4. Under Teradata ServiceConnect, select the automatic uploading check box and enter the connection information:
    Field Description
    Host Host name or IP address of the SWS server or CMIC where Teradata ServiceConnect is hosted.
    Port Port number on which the SSH server is listening.
    Username and Password Login credentials that have the necessary permissions to upload usage data using the SWS server.
    The public key is used by Teradata Corporation to verify the integrity of your usage data.
  5. Click Apply.