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After a Teradata Database system has been configured in Teradata Viewpoint, all of the alerts except event alerts can be migrated from Teradata Manager to Teradata Viewpoint. Configured rates cannot be migrated. You must configure data collection rates in Teradata Viewpoint.

Alerts can only be migrated when there are no alerts in Teradata Viewpoint for a Teradata Database system; therefore, migrate existing Teradata Manager alerts before adding and copying alerts.

  1. From the Systems list, click the name of the system you want to update.
  2. From the Setup list, click Alerts.
  3. From the Alert Types list, click an alert type.
  4. Under Alerts, click Migrate Alerts.
  5. Enter the log in information for an account that has permission to read data from the migrating database.
  6. Select an Authentication Mechanism for the migrating database.
  7. [Optional] For SNMP Config, select the SNMP configuration that you assigned to any migrated action sets containing an SNMP action. This is required when the alert actions being migrated contain any SNMP actions. The SNMP configurations are defined in the Alert Setup portlet.
  8. Click Apply. A message appears in the dialog box with the number of alerts that were migrated.