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The Workload Designer view shows summary information about rulesets for an Teradata Aster system.
The Working section contains rulesets on the Viewpoint server. In Working, you can create, edit, and import rulesets, as well as other options. If a ruleset is locked by someone else, you have fewer options than if you are the ruleset owner. Rulesets in Working can also appear in Active.
The Active section contains the active ruleset that is currently being used by the Teradata Aster system for workload management.

Ruleset background color indicates synchronization between the Working and Active sections. In the Working section, blue indicates the ruleset is not active and gray indicates the ruleset is an exact copy of the currently active ruleset. In the Active section, green indicates the ruleset is active on the target system.

If no exact copy of the active ruleset exists in the Working section, the active ruleset displays as Unknown Ruleset in the Active section.