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Query Metrics

Metric Description Type
CPU Time Amount of CPU seconds used by the query Number
Catalog Name of the catalog for the connector used by the query String
Data Size Number of bytes of data processed by the query Number
Duration How long the query has been running Number
In State How long the query has been in the current state Number
Memory Pool Name of the memory pool assigned to the query String
Memory Used Amount of memory in bytes in use for the query Number
Principal Kerberos principal for the query String
Query ID ID of the query String
Rows Number of rows processed by the query Number
Schema Name of the schema within the catalog used by the query String
Source Application or client utility that executed the query String
Splits Completed Number of splits already completed Number
Splits Queued Number of splits currently queued Number
Splits Running Number of splits currently running Number
Start Time Time the query started Number
State Current state of the query String
Username User who submitted the query String