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The Overview tab provides detailed information about key metrics for the selected queries. Metrics that exceed defined thresholds are highlighted. Under SESSION INFO, you can click a user or account to see all sessions for that user or account string.

Query Information

Query Information Description
State Current state of the query, such as error, canceled, completed
Duration How long the query ran, displayed as hh:mm:ss
Memory Used Amount of memory in bytes in use for the query
CPU Time Amount of CPU seconds used by the query
Rows Number of rows processed by the query
Data Size Number of bytes of data processed by this query
Splits Completed Number of splits already completed
Splits Running Number of splits currently running
Splits Queued Number of splits currently queued

Session Information

Session Information Description
Username User who submitted the query
Principal Kerberos principal for the query
Source Application or client utility that executed this query
Catalog Name of the catalog for the connector used by this query
Schema Name of the schema within the catalog used by this query
Memory Pool Name of the memory pool assigned to this query

Error Information

Error Information Description
Error Type Type of error which caused this query to fail
Error Code Code for the error which caused this query to fail