MAPS Manager Overview - Teradata Workload Management - 16.20

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The MAPS Manager portlets allows you to incrementally redistribute data from tables across new AMPs after a system expansion instead of taking a system offline for an extended time. You can also actively monitor systems and provide recommendations to make sure objects are in optimal maps. Using appropriately sized maps increases parallelism and speed when accessing objects and provides greater efficiency for smaller objects.

MAPS Manager manages the following objects:
  • Tables
  • Hash indexes
  • Join indexes

The portlet provides two methods to move objects to a new map. Both methods allow you to improve system performance without extended downtime. You can also view all maps defined on the system and to add sparse maps as needed.

System Monitoring
System Monitoring provides ongoing recommendations to optimize the location of objects. You can accept recommendations and schedule moves when convenient.
Object Workflows

Object workflows let you create ad-hoc workflows where you can select which objects to move and the order and time to move the objects.

Maps shows all available contiguous and sparse maps on the system. It also identifies the system default contiguous map and its sparse maps that are used for analysis.

You can also grant and revoke permissions for the maps on your system.