- 16.20 - Viewpoint Dashboard View - Teradata Workload Management

Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide

Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Workload Management
User Guide

The Viewpoint Dashboard view is a top-level view that allows you to access the Trends, System Health, Workloads, Queries, Alerts, and Hadoop Services views.

From this view you can:
  • Access all views
  • Access all systems
  • Open the Viewpoint Dashboard view
  • Close the Viewpoint Dashboard view from two locations, enabling you to return to the portlet view

The Viewpoint Dashboard view supports the rewind feature. When the rewind feature is turned on in the portal frame, the open and close toggle button in the upper left corner displays a green rewind icon.

Following is an example of a Teradata Database system in the Viewpoint Dashboard view.