- 16.20 - Changing Multiple Sessions - Teradata Workload Management

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For Teradata Database systems, you can change system resources for multiple sessions, users, or account strings in the following locations:
  • All sessions table from the summary view
  • My Criteria sessions table from the summary view
  • User sessions table from the details view
  • Account strings table from the details view
  • Utility table from the details view
  1. Select By Session or By Session (Exclude Utilities) in the selection menu and one of the following choices:
    • All
    • My Criteria
  2. [Optional] Access user or account string tables from the details view.
    1. Click a session.
    2. Click the User or Account link under SESSION INFO.
  3. Select a session action from the Table Actions list. Check boxes appear next to the sessions.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Select the first check box located in the column heading to select all sessions.
    • Select the check boxes for specific sessions.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Log in to Teradata Database, if prompted.
  7. Follow the instructions on subsequent screens.