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Path helps track paths that lead to an outcome, including that of customer behavior:
  • Path-to-purchase
  • Abandoned cart analysis
  • Path-to-churn
  • Patient journeys, such as hospital readmission
  • Paths leading to fraudulent activity
You can also use Path to find previously unknown patterns in TimeSeries Data, such as discovering hidden/unexpected chain of events that may contribute to a specific event or getting answers to questions that lead to defined outcomes:
  • “What are customers’ dominant paths to contract cancellation?”
  • “Which paths of equipment symptoms lead to the equipment’s failure?”
Model enables the prediction of outcomes. Common business use cases include:
  • Marketing offers and recommendation propensity
  • Churn-risk scoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Healthcare prediction
Create, train, and score predictive models using Model in scenarios such as the following:
  • Predict future likeliness of a specific desired or undesired action among a set of data:
    • “Which customers will likely to cancel contract?”
    • “Which products will likely to experience critical failure?”
  • Create a predictive model, evaluate its accuracy, and measure lift per decile
Use Workflow to create and automate analytic workflows:
  • Quickly operationalize analytic processes as a repeatable workflow using drag-and-drop UI
  • Link a series of queries, analytics, and rules as a workflow
  • Collaborate best practices with others by sharing queries and analytics