17.00 - Validating the BTEQ Installation - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata® Tools and Utilities for Linux Installation Guide Amazon Linux 2, CentOS, OEL, RedHat, SLES, Ubuntu

Teradata Tools and Utilities
June 2020
See the Basic Teradata® Query Reference, B035-2414 for detailed information on how to use BTEQ.
  1. Change directory to the BTEQ directory.
  2. Start BTEQ:


    Output similar to the following appears:
    Teradata BTEQ for platform. PID nnnn.
    Copyright 1984-2019, Teradata Corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    Enter your logon or BTEQ command:
  3. Log on to Vantage:

    .logon dbcpath/username

    Enter the BTEQ logon command with a logon ID. Include the dbcpath if the Vantage dbcpath is not the default i_dbcpath specified in clispb.dat.

  4. When prompted, enter the password.
    For example, if Vantage has a dbcpath of Finance, the username is fml, and the password is fml, type:
    • .logon Finance/fml
    • Password: fml
    Output similar to the following appears:
    *** Logon successfully completed.
    *** Teradata Database Release is
    *** Teradata Database Version is
    *** Transaction Semantics are BTET.
    *** Session Character Set Name is 'ASCII'. 
    *** Total elapsed time was 1 second. 
    BTEQ -- Enter your SQL request or BTEQ command:
    For information about security and connecting to Vantage, see Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine Security Administration, B035-1100.
  5. Submit a sample Teradata SQL query:

    SELECT time;

    If the test passes, output similar to the following appears.
    *** Query completed. One row found. One column returned.    
    *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.
  6. To view the version numbers for BTEQ and the key Teradata software it depends on, use the following BTEQ command:


    which produces output similar to the following:
     BTEQ Version for platform
     CLIV2      :
     COPERR.H   :
     DBCAREA.H  :
     DBCERR.H   :
     DBCHQEP.H  :
     MOSIIF.H   :
     PARCEL.H   :
     PIOM       :
     TDICU      :
     TDWALLET   :
     Database   :
     BTEQ linking date is Apr 17 2017
  7. Log off of Vantage and exit BTEQ.