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The Target Attributes report provides information about the target relations of a step.

Example of a Target Attributes Report

The following table describes the Target Attributes report.

Target Attributes Report Column Descriptions 
Column Description
Step Specific step in the compare plan.
Relation Type of relation (Target Relation1 or Target Relation2).
Name Name of the relation.
Sorted Whether the target relation is sorted.
Cached Whether the target relation is cached.
GeogInfo Defines the data redistribution method used in a step:
  • Locally built indicates the rows are locally built.
  • Redistributed indicates rows are redistributed on all AMPs.
  • Duplicated indicates the rows are duplicated on all AMPs.
Confidence Specifies the confidence level for the estimated cardinality. The value in this column can be Low, High, Index join, or No.
Compressed Columns Whether the target spool can have compressed columns.
Size (Estimated Rows) Cardinality estimate of the target spool.
Spool Size (Bytes) Size of the spool in bytes.