Viewing the Execution Plan from a QCD Database (Range of Plans)

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After inserting an execution plan into a QCD using INSERT EXPLAIN, view the Explain results graphically or textually.

  1. Click .

    The Select Execution Plan(s) to Open (Range of Plans) window appears.

    Select Execution Plan(s) to Open (Range of Plans)

  2. Use the following steps to select a QCD:
    1. In the tree view, right-click the Query Capture Databases node to display a shortcut menu.
    2. In the shortcut menu, select Browse QCD to list all available QCD names under Query Capture Databases node.
      Browse QCD

  3. Select a QCD from the list.
    1. Right-click a QCD name and select Browse Plans

      The Browse QCD Plans dialog box appears.

      Browse QCD Plans

    2. In the Query ID box, enter a range such as, 1–100, or 1,3,6–10.
  4. Select XML Plans to view available XML plans in the selected QCD.
    This option is available only for Teradata Database version 13.10 and later.
  5. Click OK to retrieve the specified plans.
  6. Select the check box next to one or more plans in the Available Execution Plans list.
    Click Add All to add all available plans to the Selected Execution Plans list and skip the following step.
  7. [Optional] To see complete statement text, select a QueryID in the Available list, right-click to select the Statement Text menu item for a specific QueryID.

    For more information on the Statement Text dialog box, see Viewing Statement Text.

  8. Click Open to display the plans.