Viewing the Execution Plan from a QCD Database (Offline Plans)

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After inserting an execution plan into a QCD using INSERT EXPLAIN, view the Explain results graphically or textually.

  1. Click .

    The Select Execution Plan(s) to Open window appears.

    Select Execution Plan(s) to Open (Offline Plans)

  2. Load one or more offline plans:
    1. In the tree view, right-click Offline plans and select Browse Offline Plans to display the Open dialog box.
    2. From the Open dialog box, choose one or more plans.

      When selecting a file, the description of the plan appears in the Description box. If the file contains more than one plan, the Description box indicates how many plans the file contains.

    3. Click Open.
  3. Right-click the Plan Node and select Add to add the single plan to the Selected Execution Plans list.
  4. [Optional] To see complete statement text, select a QueryID in the Available list, right-click and select Statement Text for a specific QueryID.

    For more information on the Statement Text dialog box, see Viewing Statement Text.

  5. Click Open to display the plans. The plans appear in the main window. See Summary Information Window.