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Use the Plans menu and toolbar to compare execution plans, either textually by showing the differences in Explain text, or visually by using icons to describe the execution plan.

Plans Menu Commands, Submenus, and Toolbar Buttons 
Command Submenu Button Description
Explain Text None View the Explain text for the current execution plan.
Statement Text None View the statement text for the current execution plan.
Index Analysis None Perform an analysis on a group of currently opened online execution plans.
Monitor SQL None Submit the query text to the database that belongs to the active plan, and view the execution of the query.
Valid for SELECT statements only. Monitor SQL command available only if connected using CLIv2.
Compare None Compare execution plans visually.
Compare Steps None Compare the steps of execution plans.
Compare Report None Compare execution plans textually.
Bulk Compare Bulk Compare Compare multiple execution plans.
Bulk Compare View Report View the results of the Bulk Compare.
Explain Text Differences None View the differences in Explain text.