Viewing the Execution Plan Graphically or Textually

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View the execution plan graphically or textually from a QCD database or from the Database Query Log (DBQL) when doing one of the following:
  • Loading plans associated with a workload
  • Loading a specific plan
  • Loading a range of plans
  • Loading plans from a different server
  • Loading one or more offline plans
  • Loading one or more DBQL plans
    DBQL XML plans larger than 31K cannot be viewed using this procedure when connected to Teradata Database 13.00. This limitation is removed for Teradata Database 13.10 and higher.

Use the Explain graphics or text to check for query performance issues.

After a plan is loaded using the Select Execution Plan(s) to Open dialog box, right-click on a column heading under Available Execution Plans to access the shortcut menu (see Shortcut Menus). Also, the columns can be resized (see Dialog Boxes).