Setting Up a New QCD

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To set up a new QCD, perform this procedure.

  1. From the menu bar, click Tools > Control Center. The Control Center dialog box appears, and the Manage QCD tab is selected.
  2. Click Setup QCD.

    The Setup QCD dialog box appears.

    Setup New QCD

  3. Click Create all QCF Database objects.
  4. Enter the information in the dialog box. Shaded information in the table below is optional.
    Box Description
    QCD Name Enter a name for the QCD.
    Owner Enter an owner name.

    If the box is left blank, the owner defaults to the name of the logged-on user.

    Perm Space Perm Space specifies the amount of permanent space for a QCD. Perform the following:
    1. Enter a value greater than or equal to the default value. The default value is an estimate of space for a QCD.
    2. Click one of the following units of space: KB, MB, or GB.
    Spool Space

    Perform the folowing

    1. Enter a value.
    2. Click KB, MB, or GB.

    The default is 0 MB.

    Fallback [Optional] Select the check box to use fallback protection.
    View Schema [Optional] Click to view the schema of the tables and macros created in the new QCD.

    The View Schema dialog box appears and displays the DDL and macro definitions of the QCD. What is displayed depends on the version of QCF that is running.

    Clear [Optional] Click to clear all boxes and restore the default options.
    Command [Optional] Click to open the Execute SQL window.

    For more information, see SQL Query Execution.

  5. Click Create to set up the QCD.
    Click Close to stop the set up of the QCD (before set up is complete) and return to the main window.