Comparing Multiple Plans Using the Bulk Compare Feature

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  1. Click .

    The Bulk compare dialog box appears.

  2. Select the QCDs containing the plans to be compared by doing one or more of the following:
    • Specify a QCD name:
      1. Enter the name of a QCD in the QCD Name box.
      2. Click Add.
    • Choose from a list of available QCDs:
      1. Click List QCDs.
      2. Select QCDs from the list.
      3. Click Add.
    • Add QCDs from a different server:
      1. Click Connect To.
      2. Specify the new server name.
    • Remove selected QCDs from the Selected QCDs list:
      1. Highlight the QCD name.
      2. Click Remove.
  3. Click Next. The Customize dialog box appears.

  4. Select a range type used to select the queries for comparison:
    • Query ID
    • Query Tag
    • Capture Date
  5. Under Selected QCD list, type a range in the Range fields.
    Range Type Range
    Query ID Enter the range of queries for each QCD.

    For example, enter 1-100 or 1,3,6-10.

    Query Tag Enter the name of the query tag.

    The % and _ characters can be used as wildcards, in any combination. The % character represents any string of zero or more arbitrary characters. For example, query% would match query, query1, query12, and so on. The _ character represents one arbitrary character; therefore, any single character is acceptable in the position in which the _ character appears.

    Capture Date Enter the date in yyyy/mm/dd format.
  6. Click Load to display the queries for the specified ranges.
  7. [Optional] To view statement text, get query server or source information, or remove any of the displayed queries:
    1. Right-click the specific query cell.
    2. Select the appropriate menu item.
  8. [Optional] To reorder queries for comparison (remapping from the default one-to-one order):
    1. Highlight a query.
    2. Click Up or Down to move the query within the query list.
      To drag and drop queries, click the top left corner with the left mouse button.
  9. Double-click the top cell of the column containing the base OCD for the bulk compare. The selected column becomes the left-most column and is highlighted.
  10. Click Next. The Save As dialog box appears.
  11. [Optional] To save the results of each plan comparison in separate files, select Save as multiple files.
  12. [Optional] To remove the control file after viewing the Bulk Compare results, select the Delete control file check box. During the Bulk Compare operation, a control file is created with a .bcf extension. This file is used to display the results in the View Report window.
  13. Click Compare to start the bulk compare process. A confirmation message appears indicating the Bulk Compare operation completed.
  14. Click OK to close the confirmation message. When the Bulk Compare operation is complete, the Bulk Compare report viewer opens.