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The following are required to use the basic functions of Teradata Visual Explain:
  • Access to a Teradata Database system with a valid Teradata Database user ID and password. The user must log on to a Teradata Database system after starting the application and before loading the queries.
  • The SELECT access right on the QCD (used by Teradata Visual Explain to display the execution plan) is required for QCDs of version 03.00.00 and later. Also Exec on QCD macros is required.
The following categories of users are defined on a QCD to enhance its security:
  • Normal user – Normal users load, view, and delete only their own plans or workloads.
  • Power user – Power users load and view plans or workloads inserted by any user. Power users delete only their own plans or workloads.
  • Administrator – Administrators load, view, and delete any plan created by any user. Administrators drop and delete QCD tables. By default, the QCD creator has administrator privileges.

For more information about the Query Capture Facility, refer to SQL Request and Transaction Processing (B035-1142).

  • Insert and Update on QCD tables is required to insert the plans.
  • To execute Monitor SQL feature, user should have MONRESOURCE privileges on the DBS.
  • To view actual vs. estimated cost and actual vs. estimated cardinalities, user should have SELECT on DBQL tables.
  • To get the current information, user should have necessary privileges to execute the SHOW QUALIFIED SQL statement.