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Other Operation Icons 
Icon Operation Function
Merge-Delete Merge the data, then delete it from the table.
Merge Perform a single-row merge.
Multiple-row merge Perform a multiple-row merge.
Update Update data in a table.
Merge Update Update merged data in a table.
Bitmap Insert bitmap images into a table.
Insert Insert rows into a table.
Delete Delete specified rows from a table.
Abort Terminate the current transaction.
Materialized temporary trace table step Realize temporary tables (actual creation and data insertion).
Sort step Sort the rows in a target relation and eliminates duplicate rows.
Spoil step Spoil the dictionary cache.
Flush Database step Flush the DISKSPACE and AMPUSAGE caches.
Begin Loading Initiate loading process.
Create Index Subtable Create Index Subtable on table.
Modify Table Header Modify the Table Header.
Modify Table Version Modify Table Version in the data dictionary.
Insert Access Rights Insert Access Rights in the data dictionary.
Create Table Header Create a Table Header.
Drop Table Header Drop the Table Header.
End Logging End logging on the table.
Set Query Band Identifies the type and source of a query to determine prioritization of queries.
Save updated stats Save the updated Statistics for columns of a table.
Collect Stats Collect Stats for the given Table or Columns.
End Mload Signifies the end of the task script and initiates task processing by the Teradata Database.
Begin Mload Initiates or restarts a Multiload import task.
Mload Job Invokes Multiload
Check Workload Step Check Workload during Mload.
Checkpoint Loading Checkpoints are entries posted to a restart log table at regular intervals of a data transfer operation.
Configuration Information Describes the Configuration Information.
Fast Load Insert INSERT is a Teradata SQL statement that inserts data records into the rows of the Teradata FastLoad table.
Edit DML step for MLOAD Edit DML step for MLOAD controls the processing of an MLOAD insert, update, or delete step.