Viewing Query Execution

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Monitor and retrieve information about a query in real time, when connected using CLIv2.

Connect to Teradata Database using CLIv2 before viewing query execution.

  1. Click . The Monitor SQL window opens and displays all the steps in the execution plan along with the actual cost, estimated cost, and cardinality information.
    The Monitor SQL feature is available only for SELECT statements.
  2. To access common functions, display the shortcut menu by right-clicking on the header row of the information grid, then choosing Copy, Find, Hide/Show Columns, Select All, Clear All, Save As, or Print.
  3. To view a graph comparing actual cardinality to estimated cardinality, click View Cardinality Graph.
  4. To view a graph comparing actual cost to estimated cost, click View Cost Graph.

    The query is resubmitted to Teradata Database to get the actual stepwise cost and cardinality. Only SELECT statements are resubmitted.