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Additional restricted views required by Teradata Visual Explain must be created in Teradata Database. Teradata Visual Explain creates restricted views from a script file. There are five versions of the script file:
  • DBCXViews62.bteq; used on Teradata Database V2R6.2, V2R6.1, or V2R6.0
  • DBCVXViews120.bteq; used on Teradata Database 12.00.00
  • DBCVXViews123.bteq; used on Teradata Database 13.00.00 and 13.10.00
  • DBCVXViews140.bteq; used on Teradata Database 14.0
  • DBCVXViews141.bteq; used on Teradata Database 14.10 and higher

The script files are located in the Teradata installation folder, for example, C:\Program Files(x86)\Teradata\Client\16.00\bin\DBCVXViews141.bteq

  1. Open Teradata Visual Explain.
  2. Select Tools > Options from the menu.

    The Options dialog box appears with the General tab selected.

  3. Select Use X views (DBC and QCD).
  4. A confirmation message appears. Do one of the following:
    • Click Yes to create restricted views.

    • Click No to proceed using non-X views, and then click OK.