Upgrading a QCD

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A QCD created prior to the latest Teradata Database release must be upgraded before it can be used.

The following limitations apply when upgrading an existing QCD or reverting to an earlier version:
  • If the existing QCD is version 03.00.00, upgrade to 03.01.00, then upgrade to version 12.00.00, then upgrade to version 13.00.00.
  • If a QCD contains Unicode data and has been upgraded to version 12.00.00 or was created using version 12.00.00, the QCD cannot be reverted to the previous version.
  • If a version 12.00.00 QCD contains only non-Unicode data, it must be reverted to version 03.01.00 before being reverted to version 03.00.00.
An upgrade can be aborted or canceled, provided the upgrade process has not been completed. Depending on the point at which an upgrade is aborted, a prompt appears and displays an option to rollback the upgrade process. At this point, the upgrade can be rolled back or canceled. Rolling back the upgrade process undoes all upgrade operations; that is, the QCD is restored to its pre-upgrade state. Canceling the upgrade leaves the upgrade process unfinished. The partially upgraded QCD is not a valid QCD. To complete the upgrade, the QCD name must be re-entered in the QCD Name box and the process restarted from the step where the rollback was canceled.

Before beginning, note the following:

  • A QCD that is currently version 02.00.00 must first be upgraded to version 03.00.00, then version 03.01.00, then version 12.00.00, and then version 13.00.00.
  • While upgrading QCDs from QCF version 02.00.00 to QCF version 03.00.00, the data migration from the statistics table to the Index Table might fail if the index field names have a comma character.
  • There is no reversion possible for QCF 03.00.00.
  1. Click Tools > Control Center. The Control Center dialog box appears, and the Manage QCD tab is selected by default.
  2. Click Upgrade/Revert QCF Version. The Upgrade/Revert dialog box appears.
  3. In the QCD Name box, do one of the following:
    • Enter the name of the QCD.

    • Select the name of a QCD:
      1. Click List QCDs.
      2. Select a QCD from the QCD Name list.
    The selected QCF version appears in the Present Version box.
  4. In the Intended Version box, select the version.
  5. Click OK to begin the conversion.