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The Source Attributes report displays the attributes of the source operands at each step. Each step has two rows, one for the left relation and the other for the right relation.

Sample Source Attributes Report

The following table describes the Source Attributes report.

Source Attributes Report Columns and Descriptions 
Column Description
Step Specific step in the compare plan.
Relation Type of relation (left or right).
Name Name of the relation.
Sorted Whether the relation is sorted.
Cached Whether the relation is cached.
SyncScan Whether a relation is eligible for synchronized scanning.
Partitioned Whether a table or spool has a partitioned primary index.
Partition Count Number of partitions on a table.
Sort Kind Way the relation is sorted:
  • Field1 sort
  • Field1 unique sort
  • Field1 Hash sort
  • FieldID sort
  • Field1 Hash unique sort
  • Field1 Hash min1 sort
  • Field1 Hash min2 sort
  • Field1 Hash max1 sort
  • Field1 Hash max2 sort
  • JoinIndex sort
  • Field1 min1 sort
  • Field 1 min2 sort
  • RowHash field1 sort
  • RowHashRow sort
  • RowHash sort
  • Unique field1 sort
  • Unique rowID sort
  • Unknown sort kind
Sort Key If the relation is sorted, lists the sort information strings. The format of the individual SortKey strings is one of the following:
  • database_name.table_name.column_name
  • SPOOL number.column_name