Upgrading or Reverting QCD Versions

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Upgrade any QCD created prior to the latest Teradata Database release before using the QCD with the current release. With some limitations, it is also possible to revert to an earlier version.

The following limitations apply when upgrading an existing QCD or reverting to an earlier version:
  • If the existing QCD is version 03.00.00, upgrade to 03.01.00, and then upgrade to version 12.00.00, then upgrade to version 13.00.00 before upgrading to version 13.10.00.
  • If a QCD contains Unicode data and has been upgraded to version 12.00.00 or was created using version 12.00.00, the QCD cannot be reverted to the previous version.
  • If a version 12.00.00 QCD contains only non-Unicode data, it must be reverted to version 03.01.00 before being reverted to version 03.00.00.
  1. From the menu bar, click Tools > Control Center.
  2. From the Manage QCD tab, click Upgrade/Revert QCF Version.

    The Upgrade/Revert dialog box appears and displays the current Teradata Database version number in the Teradata Database Release box.

    Upgrade/Revert Existing QCD

  3. Do one of the following:
    • In the QCD Name box, type the name of the QCD.

    • Click List QCDs to select a QCD from the QCD Name list.

    The Present Version box displays the selected QCF version.

  4. [Optional] Click the Intended Version arrow to select a version to upgrade or revert to.
    The Intended Version list displays the available options (the next and previous version) unless QCF or 03.01.00 is used.
  5. Click OK to begin the conversion.