Exporting Execution Plans

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Before exporting execution plans, go to Exporting QCD Data to a Text File and perform steps 1 through 4.

The export operation for execution plans stores the information in an internal Teradata Visual Explain format (.mcf file), as opposed to a text file containing SQL statements that could be executed using BTEQ.

  1. In the Export QCD dialog box, ensure that Execution Plans is selected (default setting).
  2. Click Export. The Save As dialog box appears.
  3. To save the QCD information:
    1. Enter a name for the file in the File name box.
    2. Click Save.
      If an existing .mcf file is selected, a message appears indicating the file already exists. Click Yes to replace the existing file or click No to return to the Save As dialog box and enter a new file name.

      The Select Execution Plan(s) to Export dialog box appears.

      Select Execution Plan(s) to Export

  4. Click Browse QCD. The execution plans load.
  5. [Optional] To see complete statement text information:
    1. Select a statement.
    2. Click .

      For more information on the Statement Text dialog box, see Viewing Statement Text.

      To browse XML plans, select the QCD XML Plans check box and click the Browse button.
  6. Select the plans to export.
  7. Click Export. A progress message appears. When the export is complete, the Control Center dialog box appears.
    To stop the export action immediately, click Abort. A message appears indicating the export action has been canceled.