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Teradata® QueryGrid™ Release Definition

Teradata QueryGrid
October 2020
Release Notes

Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata QueryGrid, including related documentation.

Teradata QueryGrid consists of the following resolved issues:
Issue Description
QUERYGRID-14103 Teradata Connector: The remote queries in Explain text are not same as in normal query for the query involving table export
QUERYGRID-14149 Hive Connector: Incomplete list of Hive properties when disabling speculative retries
QUERYGRID-14180 Fabric: Non-ASCII characters appear in QueryGrid error messages
QUERYGRID-14181 QGM: Creating node support archive using start/end time is not working
QUERYGRID-14183 Node: Working directory not explicitly set when launching the driver
QUERYGRID-14211 QGM: script does not log errors to console or log file
QUERYGRID-14251 Hive/Spark Connector: ResponseTimeout not honored for some cases
QUERYGRID-14252 Fabric: T2T queries are failing when bridge contains HSN nodes
QUERYGRID-14282 QGI: Fix timeout error message to match business logic
QUERYGRID-14411 Hive Connector: Diagnostic check does not honor username NVP when local user is empty
QUERYGRID-14441 Hive Connector: Date type on text storage format not handled correctly
QUERYGRID-14453 Auto-Deployment: Fix issues when tdqg-node is installed and then removed on a Debian-based OS
QUERYGRID-14457 Fabric: Bandwidth test fails to be reported when first attempt to connect to QGM fails