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Teradata Vantage documentation refers to personas, or roles, to indicate who might perform a task we describe. Your organization may use different names for these personas.

Use this table to clarify the skill set we assign to each persona.
Persona Typical Responsibilities
System Administrator / IT Specialist
  • Monitors and manages systems and applications
  • Configures and integrates new technologies
  • Configures and monitors system security
  • Performs IUMB activities
Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Administers and maintains the ecosystem and connections
  • Controls optimization, workload, and security
  • Plans and supports IUMB activities
Data Scientist
  • Builds analytic models and solutions
  • Delivers insights for customer journey
  • Prepares, moves, and samples data in a secure environment
Business Analyst
  • Solves critical business issues and measures business value
  • Studies business requirements and use cases
  • Converts business needs into IT plans