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Preparing Your Site For Teradata Vantage™ Hardware

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Teradata Vantage
When you begin using this guide: When you finish the tasks in this guide:
  • You have ordered a Teradata Vantage™ system.
  • You have identified the data center where you will install the new hardware.
  • You have a site ID for the new system.
  • Your system will be set up in your data center, ready for Teradata to cable and install the system.

The audience for this book is the System Administrator / IT Specialist who manages and installs the Vantage system in your data center.

Teradata Vantage™ is our flagship analytic platform offering, which evolved from our industry-leading Teradata® Database. Until references in content are updated to reflect this change, the term Teradata Database is synonymous with Teradata Vantage.