How to Abort a File Redirection | Basic Teradata Query - 17.00 - Aborting a File Redirection - Basic Teradata Query

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June 2020
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When redirecting a standard input stream file, use one of the following options to abort or interrupt processing on a client system:
  • On workstation-attached systems: Use the Break key on the workstation keyboard, as described in Discarding Input and Abort Requests.
  • For UNIX and Windows systems: In response to the double-break function, BTEQ aborts the current SQL statement and continues reading the rest of the file. The triple-break function aborts the current statement and exits BTEQ.
Do not use the single-break function on workstation-attached systems to abort a file redirection operation. Pressing the Break key while an SQL statement that extends over two lines is executing, causes BTEQ to send the second line of the statement to the database and display an error message. When using the single-break function, it must be followed with an ABORT command.